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2019 AGM Elections

The 2019 IAQM AGM saw a number of new individuals elected to the IAQM Committee.  We welcomed Chris Rush, Duncan Urquhart, Emma Gibbons, Sam Pollard and Rosalind Flavell to the Committee. Biographies of the new and existing Committee Members can be found on our Who’s Who page. Paul Taylor, Sofia Grinary, Graham Harker, Lawrence Caird and David Muir retired from the Committee.

At the AGM, IAQM’s first President was elected, Bernard Fisher.  Bernard’s brief is to raise the profile of IAQM in the appropriate circles, attend selective events on behalf of IAQM and provide leads for sources of influence, collaboration and funding.  Bernard will be giving an inaugural webinar in January 2020.

A new Chair was also elected: Christine McHugh of Keane & Gray Ltd. Christine paid tribute to the retiring Chair, Claire Holman, saying:

Many Chairs see their role as overseeing meetings and representing the organisation externally. Claire has done this – always fighting to promote air quality and the Institute – but she has also lead by example, involving herself in a broad range of activities of the Institute, in the process volunteering 100s of hours of her time unpaid.”
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