Who's Who

Post holders

Claire Holman
Claire Holman FIAQM


Claire is an air quality specialist with Brook Cottage Consultants with over 30 years’ experience. She has advised national governments in Europe, Asia and Africa, as well as the European Commission on a range of strategic air quality and climate change issues. Claire has contributed to the development of IAQM and EPUK professional guidance, been a member of a Government air quality review group, and advised the Department for Transport on their cleaner vehicles and fuels research programme. She is an experienced expert witness for planning and CPO inquiries and litigation.

Roger Barrowcliffe MIAQM

Vice Chair

Roger is an independent consultant, operating as Clear Air Thinking. After graduating in Physics & Meteorology, he worked at the Met Office, the Central Electricity Generating Board and ERM for 21 years (many as Technical Director and then Partner), contributing to UK and international EIAs, and policy studies for the UK government and the European Commission. Roger worked with RWDI for 2 years, where he made use of wind tunnels to simulate near-field dispersion around buildings. He is a Chartered Meteorologist and a Chartered Scientist.

Tom Reade
Tom Reade MIAQM

Vice Chair

Tom is a Principal Air Quality Consultant at Hilson Moran, with 6-years professional experience. He has developed skills in sectors including property development, commercial and industrial premises, surface mine schemes, quarries, waste operations, and transport infrastructure. Tom is experienced in EIA and standalone AQ impact assessments for the protection of human health and ecosystems. He has undertaken numerous ambient air quality monitoring surveys using real-time and passive monitoring equipment. He is competent in air quality modelling packages (ADMS, DMRB and WEBTAG) and geographical information systems (MapInfo, ArcGIS and QGIS). He has an Air Pollution Management & Control MSc.

Fiona Prismall
Fiona Prismall MIAQM


Fiona is a Technical Director at RPS, with extensive experience in assessing for waste management facilities, major transport infrastructure schemes, minerals operations, industrial installations and mixed-use/residential developments. She undertakes assessments using atmospheric dispersion models (ADMS, AERMOD), the Highways Agency Design Manual for Roads and Bridges (DMRB) model, WebTAG and emissions inventory packages.  Her experience includes drafting Dust Action Plans, Odour Management Plans, designing monitoring campaigns, devising air quality action plans and providing expert witness services.  She has a BSc in Pure Mathematics and an MSc in Applied Meteorology. She is a Chartered Environmentalist.

Other committee members

Laurence Caird
Laurence Caird MIAQM

Laurence is an Associate Director with AQC, with over 12 years’ experience in the field of air quality management and assessment. He joined AQC in 2010 from Bureau Veritas and has extensive experience in the completion of air quality and odour assessments for residential and commercial developments, road schemes, airports, waste management processes, and industrial processes, both in the UK and abroad.

Beth Conlan
Beth Conlan MIAQM

Beth is a Technical Director and leads the Air Quality Modelling and Assessment team at Ricardo. Beth has over 25 years’ experience, including working for the European Commission for over 10 years supporting the evaluation, implementation and further development of air quality policies. Beth has extensive experience of legislation and policy within the UK, working closely with Defra, many local authorities and the private sector. She has expertise in developing and reviewing national and local air quality plans, working with stakeholders from transport and health in the assessment and implementation of mitigation measures. Since 1998 Beth has taught air quality management to local authorities as part of the EMAQ+ training programme, which is endorsed by the IAQM. Beth is a member of UK Government Expert Committee on the Medical Effects of Air Pollution.

Adam Donnan

Adam is the CEO of the Institution of Environmental Sciences (IES) and sits on the IAQM committee as an ex officio member to report on IES activities and ensure that the strategies of the organisations are complementary. Adam’s role at the IES includes creating strategy and directing and controlling key resources. He has sat on a number of nonprofit and for-profit boards in the environmental sector. Currently, he is a trustee of the Science Council.  He holds an MBA and a BA in History and is a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute and a Chartered Environmentalist.

Bernard Fisher
Bernard Fisher MIAQM

Bernard Fisher is an environmental modeller with nearly 40 years research experience of air quality modelling. His career started in the power industry where he worked on acid rain. Between 1994 and 2000 he was Professor of Environmental Modelling at the University of Greenwich working on air quality management. Since joining the Environment Agency in 2000 he has been involved with the evaluation and use of environmental models with emphasis on air quality. He is a visiting professor at the University of Hertfordshire and a former Chair of the IAQM.

Sofia Girnary
Sofia Girnary MIAQM

Sofia Girnary is Technical Advisor at the Environment Agency within the Air Quality Modelling and Assessment Unit. She has over 15 years’ AQ experience including technical work, policy work and project management. Her experience includes air quality dispersion modelling and assessment, constructing emissions scenarios and carrying out modelling to assist local authority clients.  Sofia also has experience in developing and delivering air quality training courses and qualified as an accredited CIEH trainer in 2005.

Graham Harker
Graham Harker MIAQM

Graham has over 15 years’ experience in air quality and leads the air quality discipline for Peter Brett Associates. He has undertaken and led many air quality projects for industrial, commercial and public sector clients involving air quality, dust, and odour impacts. He has acted as expert witness for a number of planning inquiries covering both air quality and odour impacts for land development projects within the UK.  He has a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College London.

Carl Hawkings
Carl Hawkings MIAQM

Carl started his working life at ERM in 1986 as an Ecologist. Sharing one of the few PCs in the London office with an air modeller he soon started helping out with modelling and air studies. He transferred to the air team between 1988-2000 when Carl joined ADM Ltd. Carl currently works with 3 main clients (Arup in the air quality team; Shell, in their major projects team and the World Bank in their Washington-based ombudsman team, as an air and EIA technical advisor). His air and EIA work involves him in many different sectors including transport, infrastructure, power, oil & gas, cement and incineration. He has worked in over 40 countries worldwide, most recently providing air quality management training in Iraq and managing EIAs in Nigeria, Qatar, UK offshore and Bangladesh. He managed the AQ team in Arup for a year during a staff leave of absence and has recent operational experience, covering for 4 months as the Environmental Manager on an oil seed rape plant in the UK.  He has contributed to IAQM guidance and been a member since its formation.

Kieran Laxen
Kieran Laxen MIAQM

Kieran is a Director of APS and has over eleven years’ experience in the field of air quality.  He has extensive experience of air quality assessments for residential and commercial developments, road schemes, waste management processes, industrial processes, power generation facilities, air quality monitoring and is a leading UK expert in the assessment of power generating facilities for both permitting and planning applications.

Daniel Marsh

Daniel is a Senior Air Quality Analyst working in the aerosol science team at the Environmental Research Group, King’s College London, specialising in the control of dust and emissions from construction and demolition. He project manages the London Low Emission Construction Partnership, funded through the Mayor’s Air Quality Fund, which aims to raise awareness of the air quality impacts from the construction industry, promote ‘best in class’ mitigation and emission reduction practices, and measure real-world emissions from construction machinery to enhance understanding and test the efficacy of reduction efforts. Daniel was the recipient of the 2016 Ian McCrae award for ‘Outstanding Work in Air Quality’.

David Muir
David Muir FIAQM

David Muir worked for Bristol City Council, mainly on air quality, from 1976 to 2009 and after taking early retirement worked until recently as an independent consultant and researcher. Since a second “retirement” he is still pursuing his air quality research interests. He is both a Chartered Environmentalist and Chartered Scientist and has regularly interviewed prospective CEnvs. David gained his PhD in 2003 from the University of the West of England; the subject was developing a means of identifying the sources of PM10 during pollution episodes and David has since given papers at international conferences and has had a number of papers published. He was a founder member of the Institute of Air Quality Management and served on the IES Council from 2006-16.

Honor Puciato
Honor Puciato MIAQM

Honor is a Senior Consultant with over nine years of experience in public and private sectors, with a key focus on the Local Air Quality Management, the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Planning Process. Her work has covered a broad range of projects, including monitoring, evaluation of impacts from various local sources such as road traffic, on-site energy generation, odour and demolition and construction activities, as well as emission assessments and due diligence reviews of air quality reports and post-application advice. Outside work Honor is STEM Ambassador and a member of the Toastmaster International – Public Speaking Group, what shows her passion for effective communication and people engagement.  

Jon Pullen
Jon Pullen MIAQM

Jon is an Operational Director at RPS, leading the company`s specialist environmental office at Brighton. Starting his career in the former Central Electricity Generating Board before moving into consultancy in 1991, Jon has more than 25 years post-graduate experience in air quality, covering infrastructure developments, waste management facilities, minerals operations, industrial installations, energy, wastewater treatment works, residential and mixed-use developments. Jon is the County Air Quality Consultant to Surrey County Council. He has contributed to and co-authored numerous air quality guidance publications for the Environment Agency, Defra and the IAQM. He is a Chartered Chemist and a Chartered Scientist.

Chris Whall
Chris Whall MIAQM

Chris is the Managing Director of Air Quality Consultants Ltd. He is a Chartered Environmentalist with over 20 years’ experience in environmental consulting with multi-sector EIA experience and detailed technical expertise in air quality impact assessment. Prior to joining Air Quality Consultants in 2016, Chris was the Environmental Assessment Director at Amec Foster Wheeler Environment & Infrastructure UK Ltd (now Wood plc), with responsibility for a Business Unit of around 200 consultancy staff. He was also the company’s European practice leader for Air Quality Assessment. Chris has a background in air quality and emissions management, emissions quantification and impact assessment, particularly in relation to major infrastructure projects in the UK and internationally. His work has included undertaking dispersion modelling assessments relating to the impact of atmospheric emissions from airports, power stations, mining and other major development and regeneration schemes and acting as an expert witness at Public Inquiry.

Kevin Wyche
Kevin Wyche MIAQM

Kevin is a Senior Lecturer in Atmospheric Science and Air Quality Management within the University of Brighton’s School of Environment and Technology, and founder and Principal Investigator of the Air Environment Research group and the JOAQUIN Advanced Air Quality reSearch laboratory, one of the UK’s most advanced, permanent air quality monitoring facilities, designed around “next-generation” monitoring techniques for the measurement of the most health-relevant air pollutant parameters. Kevin has 15 years’ experience working at the cutting edge of atmospheric and air quality science, research and policy, including collaborations with a range of sectors, from business to local government. His research interests include air pollution chemistry in both urban and rural environments, tropospheric composition and change, secondary organic aerosol formation and evolution, analytical instrument development and remote sensing.