Guidance on the Assessment of Dust from Mineral Sites

A Working Group is being established to develop new IAQM guidance for the assessment of dust (including PM) from mineral and secondary aggregate sites to accompany planning applications. The Group will be chaired by Claire Holman, and will have a maximum of ten members. If you are interested in joining please contact IAQM at mineral@iaqm.org.uk, ...

Ian McCrae Award Open

The IAQM is now accepting entries for the 2014 Ian McCrae Award, an opportunity for members who are early career air quality professionals. The annual award, which annually supports the professional development of IAQM members, is a grant of up to £1,000 to spent attending a career developing air quality conference in the UK or abroad. Grant ...

Walking and cycling can reduce exposure to air pollution

Healthy Air have filmed an experiment to see how different travel options affect people’s exposure to air pollution. Their experiment found that the person travelling by car was exposed to more air pollution than those walking, cycling or taking the bus along the same route. In fact those walking and cycling were exposed to the lowest ...

Chair’s Column – June

Since I last communicated with you about IAQM events and the world of air quality, several things have happened of note. In the Spring there was a flurry of news media attention on air quality. Whilst the episodes of high PM concentrations in March were mentioned in passing, the episode of early April became a ...

The IAQM Submission to EAC

The IAQM submitted evidence to the Select Committee inquiry on the Environmental Audit Committees assessment of Action on Air Quality. Read our submission

Relive the IAQM Odour Guidance launch

Read our Storify of the event featuring photos, slides, audio, tweets and links.  We have also included interviews we conducted after the event with both the keynote speakers. [View the story "IAQM Odour Launch 2014" on Storify]