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The IAQM is the membership organisation for ambient air quality professionals. By joining the organisation you are signalling your expertise in the field and gaining access to our extensive resources and events calendar. There are four levels of Membership:


This grade is for people interested in air quality, but do not work in the field. Students typically join the Institute at this grade.  Affiliate membership has a separate application form.  The application fee covers the first year’s membership, after which affiliates pay a nominal fee to receive member notifications.  Affiliates are not required to submit CPD.


This membership grade is for individuals working in the air quality field with less than 4 years’ experience.

Member (MIAQM)

The Member grade is for those who have:

  • a relevant degree or demonstration of an equivalent educational level
  • at least four years full-time equivalent experience in air quality management, air quality policy, research, monitoring, modelling, emission inventories and other relevant areas.

Candidates will be expected to demonstrate to the Membership Committee that they have the required educational background, work experience and application of those skills in the field of air quality. More information can be found in the Membership Criteria document (pdf).

Fellow (FIAQM)

Fellowship is for those who have had a distinguished career to date in the field of air quality management, having made a sustained and significant contribution in a professional capacity for a minimum of ten years. The grade is for individuals who are considered to be exceptional by the Committee and recognised as such by their peers in the profession, and ideally, have taken an active role in the activities of the IAQM. Fellowship is at the discretion of the Membership Committee and subject to approval by the full Committee. The applicant is expected to be a member of the IAQM for a minimum of two years and to provide three references in support of the application. A short curriculum vitae should be provided. To help objective decision making, the IAQM asks applicants when applying to cite three outstanding activities with which the applicant has been involved. These can be in any of the four areas: (1) academic, (2) business, (3) NGO or (4) public sector. The IAQM does not favour any of these areas of air quality management. The cited outstanding activities can be in one or more area depending on the applicant’s experience. More information can be found in the Fellowship Criteria document (pdf).

IES Membership

If you are not already a member of the Institution of Environmental Sciences (IES), you will need to apply for IES membership at the same time as you apply for IAQM membership.

Join the IES

Membership Benefits

  • Be part of the collective voice of the air quality community
  • Gain professional recognition by being a member of the professional body for air quality scientists and managers
  • Attend events from our busy calendar for free or a heavily reduced fee
  • Use of post-nominal letters
  • Chance to contribute towards our guidance and reports

Membership Cost

Application fee£10
Re-grade fee£10