DMUG is the one-day conference for users of dispersion models. This unapologetically technical conference is the key biennial event for experts in this field providing a platform for knowledge exchange, debate and discussion on topical issues. 

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9th December 2013 - St Martins in the Fields, London
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David Hall & Angela Spanton (Envirobods) – Ingress of External Contaminants into Buildings: A Review
Vina Kukadia – Ingress of External Contaminants into Buildings: A new methodology
Sean Beevers (Kings College London) – Developing a hybrid exposure model for London
Irina Nikolova (University of Birmingham) – FASTER (Fundamental Studies of the Sources, Properties and Environmental Behaviour of Exhaust Nanoparticles from Road Vehicles) Modelling ultrafine particle size distributions inside a street canyon
Helen ApSimon (Imperial University) – Findings of the CCC Air quality report
Andrea Fraser (Ricardo –AEA) – AirDART (Air quality Data Analysis & Retrieval Tool) – an internet-based tool for the rapid retrieval of input data from an archive
Hazel Peace (Ricardo-AEA) – Modelling the impact of alternative fuels on PM2.5 concentrations at US airports
Laurence Caird (Air Quality Consultants) – The application of ADMS Airports
David Carruthers (CERC) – New developments in the representation of plume chemistry in dispersion models
Christelle Escoffier (Exponent) – A CALPUFF model overview and some applications

5th December 2012 - St Martins in the Fields, London
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Martin Williams (King’s College London) – Ten years of the IAQM – lessons for air quality professionals

Improving current practice on modelling for local air quality management
Tim Murrells (AEA Technology) – Latest road transport emission factors and fleet data
Richard Bradley (Mouchel) – Issues associated with integrating transport and environmental models
Roger Barrowcliffe (RWDI and Clear Air Thinking) – Limitations of using dispersion models for point sources in the urban environment – comparisons with the wind tunnel model
Helen ApSimon (APRIL) – Air quality implications of a decentralised energy scenario for London

Issues for the future related to the new EU Air Quality Directive – Chaired by Bernard Fisher, Environment Agency
Emily Connolly (AEA Technology/Defra) – FAIRMODE Forum for Air Quality Modelling in Europe – implications for the UK
David Carslaw (King’s College London) – Defra modelling intercomparison exercise
Roy Harrison (University of Birmingham) – Regulatory and air quality management implications of setting particle number standards
Paul Quincey (NPL) – Black carbon and elemental carbon as possible regulated metrics
Gary Fuller (King’s College London) – Seasonal and temporal behaviour of PM from biomass burning

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