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IAQM reponds to Defra’s 2017 Air Quality Plans

The Government’s revised Air Quality Plan was released on the 5th May, after a High Court judge ruled that publication could not be delayed until after the General Election purdah period. The Government was required to prepare these revised plans, after ClientEarth won their second High Court case in November 2016 arguing that previous plans were not ambitious enough. Alongside the new plans, a consultation was launched which closed on the 15th June: Improving air quality: national plan for tackling nitrogen dioxide in our towns and cities. The IAQM Committee has prepared a response to this consultation, in which a series of tests were applied to the proposals:
  • Does the Plan clearly set out a series of measures that will enable the UK to achieve compliance with the Directive in respect of NO2 concentrations?
  • Does it do so in a way that will achieve compliance in the shortest possible time?
  • Are the proposed measures feasible within the current structure of air quality management within the United Kingdom and the available resources?
The submission concludes that “The IAQM is not satisfied that these proposed measures will address the problem as quickly as possible”. Download the full submission (pdf)
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