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IAQM member views on climate and air quality policy

The IAQM are pleased to release the outcomes of a recent membership survey on the impact of climate policy on air quality professionals to coincide with COP26. 

This survey sought to find out how concerns over current greenhouse gas emissions would affect the work of our members. Although individuals have their own views regarding their personal actions, we wished to gather the collective views of the IAQM. As the body representing professionals working on air quality, we were interested to know how existing and future policies might affect the membership’s work and whether the membership supports national climate change and air quality policies, as well as identify areas where more integration may be needed.

This document summarises the results of a survey sent to all IAQM members earlier this year. It demonstrates the increasing interest in, and involvement with, climate change by members of the IAQM.

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In summary, IAQM respondents appeared to support climate ambitions, but highlighted the need for policies be applied in a realistic way, and felt that there is the need for much more professional support if the UK is to transition successfully to net zero. Therefore, as the professional body for air quality experts the IAQM needs to respond to the requirements of members. The committee of the IAQM will take account of these views and, as always, would welcome ideas from the membership. One example of a potential discussion topic for the IAQM raised in the survey was widening the scope of future air quality targets, to take account of greenhouse gas emission scenarios.

Bernard Fisher (President of the Institute of Air Quality Management)
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