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Webinar: Air quality and the rail sector

This IAQM webinar explores the impact of train travel on air quality and covers how the RSSB and Network Rail are leading the rail industry’s efforts to understand and improve air quality.

Overall rail emissions may be relatively minor, but these could be significant at a local level. As road emissions reduce, driven by regulation, policy and technological advances, the rail industry is being pro-active to ensure air quality on the rail network is understood and managed appropriately.

The rail industry, through RSSB, established the Air Quality Steering Group to develop a collaborative and consistent approach to understanding and mitigating air quality risks. The resulting Air Quality Strategic Framework, published in June 2020, is based on a robust, risk-based approach to reducing air quality impacts. The framework details a series of recommendations based around three key themes:
  • Modelling: improving our ability to understand risks at a local level;
  • Mitigating: ensuring appropriate and effective measures are taken to reduce emissions;
  • Monitoring: establishing a programme to measure emissions and ensure improvements.

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