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IAQM responds to EA’s EALs consultation

The Environment Agency closed its Review of Environmental Assessment Levels (EALs) for emissions to air: second phase consultation on the 20th June. 

The Environment Agency uses EALs to judge the acceptability of proposed emissions to air from industrial sites, and their relative contribution to the environment. EALs represent a pollutant concentration in ambient air at which no appreciable risks or minimal risks to human health are expected.

They ran the first phase of the EAL updates between November 2020 and February 2021 working with the UK Health Security Agency.

There are currently 88 substances with EALs published on GOV.UK. In this second phase of EAL updates, the EA worked with the UK Health Security Agency to review EALs and confirm values or propose changes for 13 existing substances.

Read the IAQM response

This response was drafted following consultation with the IAQM membership. The response was led by Mark Broomfield, Ricardo, Tom Reade, Hilson Moran and Nikita Vasilev, Eight Versa.
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