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IAQM membership reaches new heights

We are pleased to announce that in June the IAQM’s membership has surpassed 500 members. Almost two years ago to the day we passed the 400-member-marker and the continued growth seen over the last two years has been outstanding.

When founded in 2002, the IAQM estimated that there may only be around 400 professionals working in air quality in the UK. Since then, the profession has expanded considerably and so, therefore, has the IAQM, with an ever-growing range of member services for professionals at every stage of their career. With major conferences (DMUG, MAQ and RTCA), frequent discussion meetings, an early careers network, and sector-defining position statements and guidance documents, the IAQM is an incredibly active organisation, delivering great value for its members and the wider air quality community.

Claire Holman, IAQM Chair, had this to say on reaching this milestone:
“It is encouraging to see the air quality profession steadily growing. As society is taking the threat of air pollution seriously for the first time in decades it is important that air quality management is a career that people aspire to and that they join IAQM for the support for their career that we provide.”
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