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DfT launches £300k competition seeking new concepts to mitigate NOX ‘post tailpipe’

dftThe Department for Transport (DfT) from today is inviting entries to a competition seeking concepts to help mitigate NOx emissions from road traffic, offering a total of about £300,000 to fully-fund projects designed to address air quality on the strategic road network. The Air Quality – NOx mitigation competition focuses on improving air quality in localised areas, seeking solutions to mitigate NOX ‘post tail pipe’ in particular. The competition is designed to provide ‘proof of concept’ for effectively mitigating NOX. The Department will 100% fund four to six projects, budgeted at £25,000 to £50,000 each, addressing one of the three different challenges in relation to NOX air quality. The findings of the projects will need to be delivered by end of March 2015, so the timescale for submitting entries is pressing. The majority of the work should be completed by that time with, at least, a summary of key findings. Entries must be completed 5pm on 20 November 2014. Projects should be capable of being started by December 2014 and a final report is required to be delivered by May 2015. Further details
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