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Congratulations to the year’s Ian McCrae Award winner Julian Mann!

Julian Mann was named the winner of this year’s Ian McCrae Award at Routes to Clean Air on the 27th September. 

This year, entrants were asked to submit an essay on the following topic: 

To what extent could a higher frequency of heatwaves affect ambient air quality in the UK – particularly in urban areas – as a result of climate change?

Julian Mann, Senior Air Quality Consultant at AECOM, was awarded the prize due to his well-written submission which was written in an easily accessible style, explaining the key science clearly. The essay covered the key concerns, like ozone generation and the co-dependency between heatwaves and pollution generation. It also mentioned an important source of pollution in urban areas – construction. Overall, the essay provided a unique look at the key considerations.

You can read his submission here.

Thank you to everyone who submitted; we received a number of high quality submissions. Please do keep an eye out for next year’s topic for another chance to win this prestigious title.
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