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Changes to IAQM membership criteria

iaqm_membership_banner The IAQM Committee has announced forthcoming changes to the requirements for Full Membership. The IAQM is approaching 300 members, a significant milestone in the development of the organisation. Having recently revised the criteria for IAQM Fellowship the Committee felt it was time to tighten the requirements for Full Membership. From the 1st March 2013 the work experience requirement will increase from 3 to 4 years. The new requirements for Full Membership will therefore be:
  • a relevant degree or demonstration of an equivalent educational level; and
  • at least four years full-time equivalent experience in air quality management, air quality policy, research, monitoring, modelling, emission inventories and other relevant areas.
The IAQM is embarking on a number of new initiatives after a strategic review, initiated by the new Chair, Roger Barrowcliffe. These include more regional events, further engagement with statutory and arms length bodies, media engagement, a new website and more one day meetings. More details about these exciting developments will be announced in the coming months.
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