Title Data Scientist
Salary £26,500 to £32,500
Location Cambridge
Job Information

CERC’s Scientific Development Team in Cambridge is seeking to recruit a new full-time Data Scientist.

CERC is the developer of the widely-used Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling System, ADMS.The company employs around 25 staff. The Scientific Development Team consists of 9 core staff reporting to a leadership team of 5 Principal Consultants, who report directly to CERC’s Technical Director, David Carruthers.

As a Data Scientist at CERC you will work on a range of our longer-term research-based projects related to air quality and greenhouse gases. This typically involves handling large datasets of measurements and emissions, scientific report writing, taking part in meetings with project partners who are often universities and research institutes, and giving presentations at scientific meetings. As you gain experience and knowledge, we would anticipate increasing interaction with our customers (e.g. training, exhibitions, outreach events).

You will have a strong background in physical science (e.g. maths, physics, chemistry, meteorology, engineering) at graduate level or higher. Programming experience is desirable, particularly in R; Fortran, Python, Microsoft Excel VBA and MATLAB are also useful. You will be able to analyse data and document your conclusions clearly, with graphical and tabular output. You will have demonstrated an ability to work in a well-organised and conscientious way, and to meet challenging deadlines. Your role may involve a degree of travel in the UK and overseas.

The post is initially for one year, but may be extended.

Please apply here

Closing Date 16 May 2021