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24th March 2021: Air Quality management in the UK - what's the hold up? Anil Namdeo
16th February 2021: Air Quality in the rail sector, James Wright, Philbert Chan & Azhar Quaiyoom
16th December 2020: Driver behaviour changes - how telematics can inform the changing
'new normal' in vehicle emissions in the UK, Sam Chapman
13th October 2020: Reducing emissions from road transport, the journey to a net zero
future, Gloria Esposito
22nd September 2020: Measuring air pollution with low-cost small sensors: Challenges
and opportunities, Tjarda Roberts
9th July 2020: ITAPA – Learning from the Dutch approach, Mark Wilmot & Susan Zappala
21st May 2020: Environment Bill – A new framework of environmental governance, Martin
Baxter, Kate Nield & Christine McHugh
28th April 2020: Has Coronavirus affected local air quality?, Chris Whall & Ben Marner
16th January 2020: Air quality and health, 1970 to 2030, Bernard Fisher
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