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Air Quality and Climate change Met office modellingPresentation1.2 MB
Air Quality and ExposurePresentation5.2 MB
Air quality implications for a decentralised energy scenario for LondonPresentation2.8 MB
An update on intergrated assessment activites in EuropePresentation1.6 MB
Better accounting for the NOx / NO2 emissions in air quality action planningPresentation0.0 B
Black carbon and elemental carbon as possible regulated metricsPresentation1.9 MB
Chimneys, Plumes and the Urban EnvironmentPresentation1.6 MB
Data Mining of the Las Vegas Roadway DatasetPresentation2.6 MB
Defra's Atmospheric Modelling CapacityPresentation889.2 KB
Defra's Modelling Review 2010/11Presentation0.0 B
Fairmode - the Forum for Air Quality Modelling in Europe: implications for the United KingdomPresentation561.0 KB
Fairmode: Forum for Air Quality Modelling in EuropePresentation4.3 MB
Fundamental Studies of the Sources, Properties and Environmental Behaviour of Exhaust Nanoparticles from Road Vechiles: Modelling ultrafine particle size distributions inside a street canyonPresentation1.2 MB
GEOS-Chem Modelling Capabilities and ApplicationsPresentation4.5 MB
Hotspot modellingPresentation0.0 B
IAQM 2014 - HA Meeting - Motorway Mitigation OptionsPresentation1.1 MB
IAQM Odour GuidancePresentation654.1 KB
Idaho Falls Traver ExperimentPresentation3.5 MB
Issues associated with Intergrating Transport and Environmental ModelsPresentation237.9 KB
Local Scale Air PollutionPresentation3.2 MB
Local Scale PollutionPresentation11.7 MB
Model Verification: the Case AgainstPresentation0.0 B
Modelling dust emissionsPresentation4.4 MB
Modelling future trends in Urban NO2 to 2020: and some questions arisingPresentation549.0 KB
Modelling Luton AirportPresentation4.5 MB
Modelling the deposition of nitogen and sulphur and exceedance of critical loads and levels in the UKPresentation9.1 MB
New methods to analyse rainfall and improve model predicitionsPresentation5.6 MB
Part 2: Progress with the US-UK collaboration under the Air Quality Modelling Evaluation International Initiative (AQMEII) Presentation2.2 MB
PITHEM (Platform for Integrated Tranport, Health And Environmental Modelling)Presentation0.0 B
Potential Impact Of Road Transport Low Emission StrategiesPresentation0.0 B
Raleigh 2006 Field StudyPresentation2.6 MB
Reading LEZ Feasibility InvestigationPresentation0.0 B
Regulatory and Air Quality Implications of Setting Particle Number StandardsPresentation1.2 MB
Seasonal and Temporal behaviour of PM from biomass burning across the UKPresentation1.4 MB
Ten years of the IAQM – lessons for air quality professionals Presentation1.4 MB
The Community Multiscale Air Quality (CMAQ) Modelling System: On-going and Planned DevelopmentsPresentation2.2 MB
The Defra modelling intercomparison exercisePresentation2.0 MB
The Vehicle Emission Penalty Of Traffic CongestionPresentation0.0 B
The WRF-CMAQ Two-way Coupled Modeling System and Hemispheric Extensions: Development, Testing and Initial ApplicationsPresentation6.0 MB
Transboundary air pollution: an application of integrated assessment modellingPresentation0.0 B
UK Nox and NO2 modeling using the Pollution Climate Mapping (PCM) modelPresentation7.4 MB
Using Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Data To Reveal Emission Trends From Road Traffic On The M4Presentation0.0 B
Using Dynamic and Diagnostic Evaluation to Probe the Community Multiscale Air Quality (CMAQ) Modelling SystemPresentation3.4 MB
Why, What and How?Presentation421.2 KB